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SW14 EI30/EI60 Fireguard Window

The SW14 Fire Rated Wooden Window from Direct Line Timber is a Unique Nordic Design of Highly Energy Efficient Windows. The Profiles used to Manufacture Our SW14 Fireguard Windows are protected by the International Registration of Industrial Designs no DM/083922. Due to its Unique Construction the SW14 Fire Rated Window is a prefect choice for use in Glazed Wall Elements. (Download Certificate Here).

Opening Types: Top Swing Fully Reversible, Fixed light, Openable Ventilation, Multi light Frames with Transoms & Mullions.

DK88 Fireguard Window

Viking DK88 EI30 Openable Fireguard Window is an Inward Opening Fire Protection Window.

The Triple Glazed Energy Efficient DK88 Fire Rated Window Conforms to the Fire Resistance Class EI30, meaning it is Resistant to Fire for at Least 30 Minutes. The DK88 also serves as a Heat Insulator, which means that the Average Temperature of the Surface on the Opposite Side of the Fire will not Exceed 140°C. The DK88 Fireguard Window has been given the EI30 Classification in accordance with the EN 16034:2014 Standard (Download Certificate Here).

Opening Types: Tilt & Turn, Tilt before Turn & Fixed Light Windows.

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