Passive Triple Glazed Aluclad Windows Outward Opening SW14 Uw = 0.68 W/m²K


SW14 Outward Opening Passive Triple Glazed Aluclad Windows Uw = 0,68 W/m²K

Our outward opening Triple Glazed SW14 Aluclad Passive window is the answer to today’s need for higher energy efficiency  combined with the simplicity of Nordic design. Three gaskets ensure that profile system is highly insulated and condensation risks between frame and casement are minimized.

The triple glazed unit of our SW14 window comprises two Low E panes and one standard pane of glass with Argon gas filled cavities and is 50 mm thick overall. To achieve the lowest possible U values we use SGG Swisspacer spacer bars which provides the best warm edge solution. This window has a U Value of 0.68 W/²K see chart below.

This window is available in fully reversible, side hung, side hung projecting, top hung projecting, fixed light & shaped frame styles. Aluminium Cladding on the outside face of this window ensures durability and Espagnolette locking points around the casement keeps the window secure while closed

Our outward opening Triple Glazed SW14 Aluclad Passive window is certified as a Passive House Component by the Passive House Institute in Germany. Download certificate!

Window profiles are protected by International Registration of Industrial Designs no DM/083922.

With the harsh climate in Northern Europe it is very important to use glazing with a better U Value than 0.70W/m²K. The chart below illustrates our SW14 Aluclad Passive Windows thermal transmittance values when glazed with different glazing systems:

U-value of glazing Ug (W/m²K)

U-value of Viking SW14 Aluclad Passive Uw (W/m²K)

0,47 0,63
0,53* 0,68
0,55 0,69
0,58 0,71
0,64 0,76
0,70 0,80

*Standard 50 mm 3-glazed unit with 2 Planitherm Ultra N coatings.


SW14 Aluminium Clad Window:

Modern, enduring, energy efficient, sustainable.

Drawings (PDF)


Passive Triple Glazed Aluclad Windows Outward Opening SW14 Uw = 0.68 W/m²K


Opening Types


Side hung


Our Side Hung Window is a window type with a traditional design. Also available as a double casement “French” window (without a mullion so leaving a completely clear opening), suitable for use as a fire escape evacuation opening.

Dimensions: Maximum Width 970mm – Height 1600mm

Minimum Width: 430mm

Maximum Opening Sash Weight: 50 kg

Also Available with concealed hinges.




Our Top Guided Window can accommodate up to a 2 m² opening casement window. Sliding hinges hidden into the groove between frame and sash provide a modern appearance with increased security. Depending on the opening dimensions this type of window can be used as a fire escape. One of the  recommended uses of top guided windows is in places where it is possible to clean the window from the outside eg ground floor, balconies etc.

Maximum Width: 1566mm – Maximum Height: 1600 mm**

Maximum Opening Sash Weight: 60kg

Minimum Width: 500mm


top swing


Our Top Swing Window can accommodate up to a 2 m² opening casement window and is a real light catcher for your home. Sliding hinges hidden in the groove between frame and sash provide a modern look with increased security. The sash can be reversed almost 180º for easy access and cleaning so  can be used on upper floors. Also suitable for Fire Escape egress depending on dimensions.

Maximum Width: 1566mm – Maximum Height: 1600 mm**

Maximum Opening Sash Weight: 80 kg

Minimum Width: 453mm

** Not possible to get the max height and max width at the same time.


Fixed light



Multi light (with transoms and mullions



Our fixed lights and windows with mullions and transoms are a solution including a glass unit installed directly into the window frame, a good way to increase light gain to the inside of the building. Our product line also includes a wide variety of possibilities for structurally dividing frames with mullions and transoms. Single, multi-light window frames can be manufactured in sizes up to 2.5m x 3.2m

We also offer Windows for Angular and Circular Openings.


Teknos Aquatop and/or VRC

RAL; NCS and translucent systems:


Glazing Bar Options

COPY of SW11 aken 02 smallCOPY of SW11 puitaluaken 02 small



Technical Data of the SW14 Passive Window

Sound Insulation Rw = 33 dB (-2;-5) – with standard glazing
Frame Depth 132,5 mm (with alucladding)
Material of Sash and Frame Fingerjointed spruce
Glazing 50 mm 3-glazing; two LowE glasses; argon filled
Hardware PN UNI hinges; ROTO hardware; Hoppe handle
Aluminium Cladding NB! Aivailable as aluclad only
Thermal transmittance Uw = 0,63 W/m²K (1,23 x 1,48 m opening standard window)
Number of sash gaskets 3 sash gaskets
Dimensions Sidehung:
Sash: W 650-969 mm x H 650-1669 mmSide projecting:
Sash: W 500-869 mm x H 443-1669 mmTop hung:
Sash: W 429-1569 mm x H 500-1569 mmTop swing:
Sash: W 429-1669 mm x H 527-1626 mm

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