Capped Composite Decking | Reversible Charcoal/Slate Grey | 23x148x4800mm


Supplied with FREE Clips and Screws.

Price displayed is per Capped Composite Decking Board Excluding VAT.

Capped Composite Decking Charcoal/Slate Grey 23x148x4800mm  is supplied in 4.8mtr lengths with each board covering 0.72m2.

This range of Coextruded Composite Decking is excellent quality and supplied with FREE Stainless Steel Clips & Screws making an already very keenly priced Composite Decking UNBEATABLE VALUE.

Capped Composite Decking Boards are supplied in a Range of Colours with a 3D Woodgrain Finish in Different Colours on each Face.


Capped or Coextruded Composite Decking is a High-Performance Outdoor Decking Solution Known for its Durability and Aesthetics.

Our Capped Composite Decking Boards Feature a Protective Polymer Shell that Shields Against Scratching, Fading, Staining, and Moisture Absorption, making it Ideal for Various Weather Conditions. Containing a Mix of Bamboo Fibres and Recycled Plastic Materials, it Offers the Natural Look of Wood without the Maintenance, Making it a Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Choice for Creating Beautiful and Long-Lasting Outdoor Spaces.

Capped Composite Decking Colours

  • 3D Woodgrain Reversible Charcoal/Slate Grey (Usually in Stock)
  • 3D Woodgrain Reversible DarkTeak/Light Teak (Usually in Stock)


If you use the calculator to calculate how many Capped Composite Deck Boards are needed this will be calculated on the most efficient use of the Decking Boards supported at 400mm joist centres. If you would prefer your deck not to have joints in it more Composite Decking Boards may be required.

If you would like to make an enquiry for Capped Composite Deck Boards from Direct Line Timber Dundee please contact us by phone 01382 624533 using the chat function on this page or by any of the means available on our contact page with your enquiries. You can attach files while chatting or on the contact page for material lists plans photographs etc.



Question 1.

What are the dimensions and specifications of the Coextruded Composite Decking – Reversible Charcoal/Slate Grey?

The Coextruded Composite Decking – Reversible Charcoal/Slate Grey comes in 23x148x4800mm dimensions, with each board covering 0.72m2. The 4.8mtr lengths are supplied with FREE Clips and Screws for convenient installation.

Question 2.

What makes Capped Composite Decking a high-performance outdoor decking solution?

Capped Composite Decking is known for its durability and aesthetics. It features a protective polymer shell that shields against scratching, fading, staining, and moisture absorption. This makes it ideal for various weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing outdoor space.

Question 3.

Can you elaborate on the composition of Coextruded Composite Decking?

Certainly. Coextruded Composite Decking contains a mix of bamboo fibres and recycled plastic materials. This unique composition provides the decking with the natural look of wood without the maintenance hassles. It’s a sustainable and low-maintenance choice for creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

Question 4.

What colour options are available for the Capped Composite Decking?

The Capped Composite Decking is available in a 3D Woodgrain Reversible Charcoal/Slate Grey, usually in stock. Additionally, there is a Dark Teak/Light Teak option. These colour choices offer versatility and the aesthetic appeal of wood with the added benefit of a reversible design.

Question 5.

How can I calculate the number of Coextruded Composite Decking Boards needed for my project?

To calculate the required number of boards, you can use the calculator, factoring in the most efficient use of the decking boards supported at 400mm joist centres. Keep in mind that if you prefer your deck without joints, additional boards may be necessary. For specific project inquiries or material lists, you can contact Direct Line Timber Dundee at 01382 624533 via phone, chat function, or other means available on the contact page.

These frequently asked questions aim to provide comprehensive information about the Capped Composite Decking – Reversible Dark Teak/Light Teak. If you have further queries or require assistance, feel free to reach out to us through the provided contact information.

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Dimensions 4800 × 148 × 23 mm
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Capped Composite Decking, Hollow Composite Decking, Multi-Tone Composite Decking, Reversible Composite Decking

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